He formed himself in the climate of "MAC" (Concrete Art Movement), of "Forma 1 " and mostly of Florentine "Astrattismo Classico ". He has elaborated and developed the "Abstract/concrete" lesson in a wide range of technological applications and formal solutions. He has carried out and fulfilled works with a full range projecting vision, facing painting, sculpture, graphic, design, macro intervention on territory, performance.

His work involves the traditional even obsolete techniques (such as the fire-glazing and the engraving on metals) to those colder and more sophisticated like the computerized elaboration of models for the automatic execution of big works in metal sheets. Equally rich is the range of material that he uses, from the traditional ones of painting and sculpture, until the synthesis products and until to ephemeral ones like the sand.

His research developed itself thorough cycles always characterized by a title which synthetised the dominant theme: Astrattismo classico formativo - Le Cattedrali - I Disponibili - II Messaggio del Sole - Segnali della Memoria - I Tatuaggi - Le Macchine del Sole - Immigrazioni - Spiritualità - Astrattismo & Citazione. They are the laps of a reflection on abstract language which has lead to individuate some symbolic primary forms, as the radiant circle or the energy generator principle, where the human faculties of ordering logic and of creative intuition, which are the dynamic factors of knowledge symbolically find a solution.

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